Egypt Safe city?

Egypt Safe city?



historic site EgyptEgypt has always been a busy hub for tourist. However, with the uncertainty and violence, the country has seen in the last few years the question on every travellers mind is “is Egypt safe for travelling?”

Well, luckyly the answer to that question is “yes” for most parts! After its struggle with political uncertainty, Egypt is now pulling all the brakes on improving its tourist industry, and recreating interest for its tourists.

 The Country

With its scorching deserts, captivating pyramids and enthralling history Egypt is on every tourist and back travellers list of places to go to. Not only does the country hold some of the ancient and enchanting architecture; its historic significance is alone enough to mesmerize its travellers.

No-Go Areas

Governments of most developed countries, provide their citizens with a list of preapproved areas where there is little to no risk in travelling.

  • Most embassies; such as those of UK and US, prohibit their employees from travelling outside of the capital city, Cairo, without giving the relevant authorities prior notification.
  • The US government discourages its citizens from travelling to the Western Desert and places near the Sinai Peninsula, due to security concerns.
  • The border areas of Egypt are under military control and hence are prohibited for outsiders. Tourists are strongly discouraged from visiting bordering areas or towns near the borders in order to maintain their safety and avoid any inconvenience in their travels.
  • In case tourists wish to visit bordering areas near Libya, Sudan, Israel, and parts of the Sinai, they need to gain prior permission from the Egyptian Military Intelligence and the Tourist Police Headquarters.
  • Tourists are encouraged to be extra vigilant when travelling along the Mediterranean Coast and the Eastern Desert areas of Egypt.

Things to Keep an Eye Out For:

Despite its very many efforts in trying to restore peace and prosperity to the country, Egypt is still on high alert for terrorist activities and threat. Apart from fears of terrorism the crime rate in the capital city is generally low. However keep your eye out for pickpockets and thieves. Make sure the vendors and shops are not charging you excessively high prices (as is common) or embroil you in a scam.

One last, but very important thing, we would like you to keep your eye out for is sexual harassment. This can come in the forms of lewd comments and remarks from passersby, or indecent exposure and grotesque behavior.

In case you find yourself in a difficult and uncomfortable situation, reach out to the nearest available security personnel or law enforcement officer.

While we encourage you to make most of your travels and see as much as possible the history and culture of Egypt, we strongly recommend that you practice caution, due to threats of terrorism, kidnaping and the occupation of Syrian land by ISIS. Travelling is fun, but travelling safe is a must!

Note: for your safety and wellbeing be sure to inform your local embassy once in Egypt so they can extricate you in case of an emergency situation.


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